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Years ago I spent some time wondering what in the world God would have me do with all the stuff he gave me. I realize “stuff” is a interesting word. It could mean a lot of things, but the things I am referring to are the things that make me what I am.  The broken stuff (I was on meds for depression for a chunk of my life; I haven’t got a college degree), the cool stuff (I’ve flown on private jets to Europe; I’ve mixed sound for E.V. Hill and Eddie Van Halen), the super cool stuff (I married a Mississippi girl; I have two boys that I would give up my own life for), the spiritual stuff (God chased me down and put me to work in the local church), the who cares stuff (I’ve got a yellow ’74 Jeep CJ5 with no doors, top or sides).  I’ve got 41 years of stuff. The bottom line (you will see those 3 words a lot if you read this blog very often) is that I love my life. I am blessed beyond my understanding.

Now about the Hushpuppies and Tennis Shoes thing… Along the way gathering all my stuff I have learned a fair amount about how people communicate within their own little worlds. In my world there are two boys that use words in interesting ways. When my oldest was very little he would always want to make sure his “Hushpuppy” was in the tub with him when he took a bath. The hushpuppy is what he called the thing that Bath and Body Works calls a “Gauze Sponge”! My youngest son woke up in the night recently while my wife was enjoying a Girls Night Out, saying he needed a tennis shoe. After I attempted to clarify his sleepy request, I handed him what I thought he wanted. He placed it on his nose… and then began to cry. Wanting to make him stop, I asked him again what he wanted. Since he’s also a “hand talker” he cried out while motioning like he was blowing his nose that he wanted a “tennisshoe”! I’m going to let you figure that one out on your own.

We all use words that mean something to only us. The Church does it, culture does it, sports teams do it, teenagers do it. I love highlighting how words can come alive when their meanings to people outside those closed circles become understood.

Hopefully this blog will add a new perspective to some words that you might have never thought about. The things I plan to write about will be all over the place. It will be about… stuff. I hope you enjoy it! JAH


Although I work for Broadmoor Baptist Church, this is my own blog, my own thoughts, my own opinions. Stuff expressed here is mine and mine alone.

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8 02 2012
Griffin Technology (@griffintech)

Hi Allen. I’m the Community/Content guy for GriffinTechnology.com. May I use your tweet about MultiDock on our product’s store page? Thanks! Web Webster (webw@griffintechnology.com)

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