T’was the Week Before Easter

27 03 2013

Yesterday was an interesting day. My family is on Spring Break, but I’m not. Work doesn’t stop the week before Easter in my world. In “Church Work” we like to think that every single Sunday is as important as the next. That we should strive to make each Sunday worthy of His story. But the reality is that Easter Sunday is the Super Bowl of Sundays for us. There will be more people in church this Sunday than any other this year. So I work.

But yesterday… Yesterday was different. My oldest is a 14 year old young man. Before yesterday I might have written “14 year old male”, or “14 year old kid”. But today he’s a young man. Nothing really changed of course. But there were moments yesterday that I saw some things.

As my team in the office was working on their assigned projects I decided that I needed some help getting my tasks done. I called home a little earlier than I thought my oldest would be awake on his day off from school. I told my wife that I was going to stop by the house and pick up the big kid in about 15 minutes, and that I was going to need his help doing some things at work.

I fully expected to find a moaning child exiting the house yesterday morning. But that’s not what I got. Sure, he was not quite fully awake, nor was he hopping like a rabbit on the way to the car. But there was a surprising amount of conversation on the way to the first stop on my list. As we made our way through the day I never heard a complaint. In fact I keep hearing, “What’s next?” and “Can I try to do that?”. “Where are these going?” and the one that got me was, “Do I GET TO do that now?”. Get to? Are you kidding me? Get to? What happened to have to?

After work my son and I took the short drive home in my Jeep. Parked at the far end of the parking lot was another Jeep. A 1982 Jeep Scrambler. It had a major lift kit and big mudders. It was blue and it was for sale. $13k the handwritten sign said. My son, the one that throughout the day became a young man right before my eyes, began to tell me how cool it would be if he had that big blue Jeep as his own. Sarcastically I said, “Maybe they would give us an even trade for this Jeep.” He laughed and then he said this: “Dad, we can’t do that. This Jeep has too much sentimental value. We can’t get rid of it.”

It was what I call a “Flash of Light Moment”. He gets it. He understands what is important to me. Or at least he thinks he does. Little does he know that I would give up my priceless 1974 Jeep CJ5 in a heartbeat if I thought it would make his world better. Richer. More full. In a heartbeat.

During our day together he pulled out his phone a few times but never so many times that I wanted to ask him to stop. At one point he wanted to share with me an Instagram post that he thought was really cool. He read it to me.

A deeply depressed swimmer decided to go for a midnight swim. Although the lights were out at the pool, he climbed to the highest diving board. He stretched out his arms to his side and in the moon lit shadow below he saw Christ on a cross. He knelt to pray and asked Jesus to come into his heart. At that instant the lights at the pool came on. Only to reveal that the pool had been drained for repairs.

Of all the things he sees and reads on his phone, he thought this one was worth sharing out loud. He gets it. He is amazed at how God works. Yet little does he know how much God loves him. Nor do I for that matter.

At the end of the day as I sat watching TV, something caused me to pause the DVR. It was the sound I was hearing from the other room. My oldest was playing his Playstation with his little brother. There was a lot of laughing. The kind of laughing that makes tears appear.

Little do they know…



One response

27 03 2013
Tracy Pooh-show

LOVED this and love that you are seeing the man he is becoming and like what you see.

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