Get Some Airtime

5 06 2012

Okay, I have to say that clicking on the “Talk to Someone” button freaked me out a little bit.  Who was going to pop up? Would we be able to speak to each other or just stare at the screen.  I had no idea that God might use this app to light my fire once again!

The app is called Airtime ( and it was created but the same guys that brought us Napster.  In it’s simplest form, it uses the data within your Facebook profile to connect you with people all over the world who have similar data. Songs and artist, books and websites, schools and jobs, etc. They are all poured into a jug, shaken up and then you get a chance to put your hand in and pull out a name.  It you don’t like who Airtime picks for you, you just click the “Next Button”.

In the course of about 3 minutes I got to meet a guy in Dallas (who uses 10 of the same apps I use) , a guy in Atlanta (whose dad played baseball for LSU), a guy with a fu-man-chu stash (who simply had a Star Trek airship cutout that he waved across the screen) and a guy who looked really tired in Singapore.

These conversations were extremely brief. Almost like speaking to someone in a checkout line at Starbucks.  Now those of you who know me, know that I don’t start conversations with people in line at Starbucks. Or any other place for that matter.  However, coming literally face to face with people online that in some manner have a slight iota of similar interests makes me want to persue it.

In the last hour I’ve been able to share Christ with people from one coast the other!  The standard starting point on Airtime to ask where a person is at that moment.  Next question…. What do you do in Yourtown, USA.  “I’m a minister” I say.  You should see the expressions!  


So now I’m off to see how to get deeper into the core process of how this thing really works.  So that, of course, I can go ye therefore!  Hey, and maybe I’ll make some new friends along the way!





2 responses

5 06 2012
Josh Burns (@jburno)

Pretty sweet. Checked it out today, but looking forward to using it more soon 🙂

5 06 2012

The tools that God comes up with… and all you have to do is make yourself available.

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