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31 12 2011

“The duty and the task of a writer are those of an interpreter.” –Marcel Proust

I saw this quote recently and it resounded with me.  Not because I think I’m a writer, but because it mentions interpreters.  My Mom is an interpreter.  My Dad is fast becoming an interpreter. She speaks for the deaf and he knows how to order food at authentic Mexican restaurants, AND he can preach in Spanish!

This blog started a few years ago with the goal of being a catalyst for a book.  A book that helps people understand why interpreters are so important.  It really doesn’t matter that social media has made the world feel smaller.  We live in a diversified world.  Like a city with lots of little neighborhoods, each group has it’s own language and traditions.  Even within the groups, different generations communicate in unique languages.  Different tongues if you will.

This book, Hushpuppies and Tennis Shoes, will happen this year.  It’s come up way too many times recently to be ignored.  Even if no one ever reads it, it will be a fulfillment of  a challenge .  You thought it would be of a dream.  It’s not really. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dream about writing a book. The challenge  has come from… well… you’ll have to read the book! (that’s called a marketing tease).

It’s New Years Eve and the book is the plan for 2012.  That… and hitting 220.

Proof readers and editors wanted.  Message me!




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6 01 2012
Chris Paden

Good luck with the book, looking forward to reading it.

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