Shreveport Candidates #fail

2 11 2010

I realize that the majority of people in the world don’t use Twitter or even know what it is. I also realize that Facebook is considered by some to be a toy of our youth. That QR Codes are made of sci-fi fantasies, or quite possibly the mark of the beast and smart phones are for Dick Tracey.  But I am still amazed at how inept local political figures are at utilizing social media.  Today is election day.  Facebook and Twitter are ablaze right now with reminders and links and directions to polling places, yet neither of the mayoral  candidates has made an effort to use the two fastest growing pathways of communication available.  Did I mention FREE pathways?

As of 2:00 PM today Bryan Wooley (@BryanWooley) has posted only 22 tweets in the last 45 days and only 3 in the last 24 hours. Likewise Cedric Glover (@MayorGlover) has also only posted 3 tweets in the last 24 hours.  The Mayor has used the tool more effectively, posting 59 times in the last 45 days, many in response to comments or mentions (something Wooley has not done).  However neither has used the social outlets to further their cause and they seem to be willing to let the tide roll back and forth and allow active tweeters like Adam Causey (@akcausey) to cover their platforms.

It’s not only disappointing to me but embarrassing.  To think that whoever is going to be the next Mayor of Shreveport did not reach out and use a tool that is as easy as sending a text message says to me that neither candidate is willing to think progressively or digitally.  A Google search for “re elect Mayor Glover”  returned a website called but once on the site all that is there is a campaign poster and the dreaded words… Website coming soon.  Coming soon?! Today is election day! Wooley isn’t doing much better. His Facebook page is ” locked” and you must request to be his friend. Not very transparent.

Sadly both of these men are average males of average age.  They are not a part of the social media world.  They either don’t “get” it or don’t have time for it. They also don’t seem to have put people around them to strengthen their weakness in this area.  I understand. Most guys their age could care less.  But I’ve got news for them.  Both of them could have done better in the campaign if they had aggressively used digital media. Hopefully once the election is over the winner will seek out some guidance about how to utilize the most commonly used communication tools available to advance the city of  Shreveport. At least I can hope.



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