End of Season Blues

30 06 2010

I love baseball. There has been so much written about it over time that, well… Let’s just leave it at: “I love baseball.”
Each year, at the end of my oldest son’s season, something happens in my world. I get all introspective and gooey. It always falls near my wedding anniversary or July 4th or my wife’s birthday or my youngest son’s birthday. Some kind of chemical reaction takes place in my brain. Maybe it’s that I no longer smell the Deep Wood OFF! repellent, or it’s the fact that the sound of cheats chattering on the sidewalk between our garage and backdoor have fallen silent. It could be that the mud room no longer is coated with a fine powder of crushed brick that hitched a ride in the pockets and socks of a uniform.
Whatever it is, it comes every year. The end of the season does mean that summer vacation really has begun. No limits on swimming. No need to rest before practice. Really no need to plan in advance. No need to hurry home after work to help shuttle the boys to the fields.
As I think about that last part… the need to hurry home… I get stuck. Maybe that’s the thing. The trigger that causes my goo. Here’s my confession. I’ve used baseball as an excuse to leave work. On time. I love baseball because it’s what my family does together. All of us. At the end of the day, after our biggest defeat of the year I decided that as soon as we got home I would turn on the sprinkler in the front yard and we would run through it. Clothes and all. All of us. It was the first time my boys had seen their mom do a real live cartwheel. It was perfect.
During this off-season I’m going to try and bring that baseball season mentality to everyday. I want to hurry home everyday. I want to turn the sprinkler on when defeats come. I want to cheer on my boys for the great plays and pump them up after the errors. I want to ask God for Grand Slam Home Runs and be thankful for base hits. I want to high five my wife and protect her from foul balls in the stands.
Play Ball!



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30 06 2010
brent hammett

halmark moment. i just cried a little.

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